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North Face Women’s Reverence Jacket review

Snow + Rock recently sent me this waterproof jacket to review, so I took it on a trip to Amsterdam with my youngest at the end of the summer holidays. It was the time of year when it’s not cold enough for a jacket but you might wear one if it rains – and if you’re not one of my children.

Coats and jackets are an anathema to my children. In winter I beg and bully them to wear their coats to school but they rarely do. The youngest even has a compulsory school  raincoat which lives permanently in his book bag. This coat accompanied us to Amsterdam just to keep me quiet. We both knew he wouldn’t wear it, even if it rained.

I like that the North Face jacket isn’t black. I used to live in black before I realised that I’m far too pale to carry it off. The purply grey colour (it’s officially Grand Purple) tones well with jeans, which is what I wear most of the time, but I’d prefer the pink lining to be less vivid. I like the shape too – it goes in at the waist slightly, so isn’t too boxy. The jacket doesn’t weigh much and squished easily into my bag, ready for when it was needed. When I wore the jacket it kept me dry as well as kindly looking after my phone in one of its soft, zippy pockets.

I think this is a good option for a lightweight, waterproof jacket for country walks or for travelling.